4 Features That Make The Guppy A Good Pet

4 Features That Make The Guppy A Good Pet

So, let us face it! Many of us are not purely dog people or cat people or even bird people. Many of us are not good with pets like a guppy, or we do not have a lifestyle that will suit a pet. But the fact that it is quite exciting to have quite a company after the end of a hard day’s work is something that cannot deny. In addition to this, it is always healthy to have a pet at home. It would be a good idea to have a pet fish, but then you must not settle for just any kind of fish. If you are looking for a fish that has all the benefits of the popular and the easy to rear goldfish but with some extra flare then you must go for the guppy. There are several reasons why guppies are perfect pets. Let us dive in to know the rights!

Guppy Are Beautiful And Gorgeous

You will find them in different sizes, fin shapes, patterns and colors. Male guppies tend to be more colorful with tail fins in varied shapes. These shapes include double sword, lyre, flag, round, pin, veil, fan, spear, bottom sword, top sword, spade and delta. You might have probably noticed that these fishes feature flashy tails but have you got any idea of their unbelievable diversity? You can find different varieties of guppies generally named after the characteristics that they possess. They feature mosaic patterns on their tails and there are some that have snake patterns on their tails and their bodies. The female ones are grey with the dorsal fins and the tails being colored.

4 Features That Make The Guppy A Good Pet
4 Features That Make The Guppy A Good Pet

Guppy Do Not Require A Big Aquarium

Since guppies are small, they do not require a lot of space. They have the ability to grow up to 1.5 inches which means that they can easily survive in small aquariums. Nearly four to five guppies can easily be kept in an aquarium that can hold 5 gallons of water. The number of guppies in an aquarium can also be increased by adding a hang-on-back filer to the aquarium.

They Are Affordable

The regular puppies available at pet stores are quite affordable. They can be bought for $1 to $3 based on their location. Also, the gear or the kit require for keeping them as pets are highly inexpensive. The starter kits can easily be availed within $100.

Guppies Can Easily Be Maintained

4 Features That Make The Guppy A Good Pet
4 Features That Make The Guppy A Good Pet

An interesting trait of these fishes is that they can easily be kept alive for a very long time. The only thing that you need to do is keep the aquarium clean. Also, you must offer them good and healthy food. Here, it is important to note that they can eat almost anything. They are also good at controlling mosquitoes. They do not catch many diseases and are just prone to fungal infections. Nevertheless, if you are good at maintaining a healthy stock, you can easily avoid this problem.

Try buying guppies from local stores instead of getting them imported because travel stress might have an impact on their quality and health.

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