4 Less Known Facts About Tetra Fish

4 Less Known Facts About Tetra Fish

Think of an aquarium, and you have full chances of visualizing one with a tetra fish. As old as the fish keeping hobby itself, tetras are jewels from West Africa and South America, perfect to be reared in tanks because of their undemanding nature and easy upkeep. What’s more? You can have them in groups, or you can even mix them with other fish varieties to make them the center of attraction for the guests visiting your home. They combine with other species very easily with the majority of them being perfect for smaller aquariums and beginners. Feeding the tetra is also an easy job as they accept anything and everything from living, dry, and frozen foods. If you give this fish the ideal set-up, it will repay you with more natural behavior, better colors, and it might even reproduce. Regardless of what your persuasion is, a Tetra is waiting for you!

There Are Unlimited Species Of The Tetra Fish

Yes, tetras are diverse and fascinating fishes including things such as the pacu and the piranha. Some notable species in this category include the neon tetras featuring silver bodies; red color stretching from the middle part of the body till the end and neon blue stripes. Then there are flame tetras that come adorned with red-colored backs and silver bodies. The lemon tetra is yet another variety that is available in yellow shades with a hint of black. These fishes are available in varied sizes. The neon species mature at a bit less than one inch length while the flames grow to around two inches.

Buddy System Is All That They Want

The tetra fish loves to live in groups and this is not within its own group but within groups of other fish varieties as well. This is one fish variety that can easily get stressed if left alone. You can find tetra tanks at stores or in homes with hundreds of fishes. This is because it is a fish species that does very well in company of minimum seven to ten tetras or any other fish. Also, having them at home might help the homeowners in bringing about a reduction in their stress levels and in transforming their abodes in a healthy paradise.

Giving Them The Right Home Is Important

When in the wild, tetras live in dark and acidic waters. The very first step that you must take towards making the fish feel at home is getting a tank in adequate size. Generally, these are fishes that require clean water t temperatures between 70 and 80 Fahrenheit. The cleaning regimen for a tetra aquarium or fish tank is the same as the other fishes. Around 25% to 30% of tank water should be changed on a monthly basis for giving these creatures the right abode.

The Tetra Fish Is A Party Fish

You won’t believe it, but the tetra has its festival! Woah! Yes, there is a festival that celebrates in a place called Barcelos in Brazil. This festival has its focus on ornamental fish varieties. It is during this same festival that cardinal tetra- a redfish featuring blue stripes, is highly popular.

So, with this it is assumed that by now you know a lot of things about tetras, isn’t it?

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