4 Tips On Setting Up A Fish Bowl

4 Tips On Setting Up A Fish Bowl

If you want to experience the pleasure of having a few beautiful fishes at home but do not have the space required for keeping a large aquarium, there is no need for you to worry. A fish bowl might be the solution that you require for bringing some finny companions home. Such bowls are inexpensive, small, attractive, and can be maintained very easily.

There are endless varieties of pebbles, gravel and plants that can be used for personalizing this new home for your fishes. They can be restful and tranquil or decorative and bright focal points in your abode. Some tips that can help you in choosing, installing and maintaining a bowl are as follows:

Consider The Right Fish BowlSize

Dissimilar to aquariums, bowls used as homes for fishes do not have filters, heat or aeration. You can find them in ranges between ½ and 3 gallons in size. Try purchasing a large one if your budget permits but always remember- these are items that require proper maintenance. You must clean them at least twice during the well. Getting a 2-gallon bowl might weigh something between 10 and 12 pounds and it might even be a little awkward if you live in a small apartment. Therefore, it is always a good idea to limit the bowl size to what works for you and the setting of your abode.

4 Tips On Setting Up A Fish Bowl
4 Tips On Setting Up A Fish Bowl

Choose The Right Accessories For Your Fish Bowl

You will need a water conditioner for removing harmful contaminants and chlorine. Water in the bowl can easily be treated using different chemicals. Visiting the local pet shop would help you in grabbing the right idea. It is also essential for you to choose marbles, stones, and gravel for covering the bottom of the product. Pick whatever appeals to your senses. Designer plastic plants might be a good option. You also have the option of going to live plants but remember to care for them regularly. You will also need a small net for removing fish while cleaning the bowl.

Understanding Fish Bowl Set-Up is Important

First of all, you must wash it with non-iodized salt and warm water. It is not advisable to use bleach, glass or soap cleaners because they might leave residues that might harm the fishes. Wash all decorations, rock and gravel and rinse them to be free of dust and color. Place everything in the container and add water at room temperature along with conditioner. Allow the vessel to stand for some time prior to adding the fish varieties.

Adding Different Fishes

Fishbowl does not feature heaters and thus the temperature of the water is that of the room. Make sure to place the bowl away from direct sunlight or a window as it might get overheated quickly. Once you have added the fish varieties to the bowl, your next step will be allowing them to swim free. Make sure that the number of fishes in the container is not more than its capacity.

4 Tips On Setting Up A Fish Bowl
4 Tips On Setting Up A Fish Bowl

If you do not want your bowl to serve as a sewer then limit the count of fish varieties that you are looking to add to it.

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