5 Large Saltwater Angelfish Species To Choose

5 Large Saltwater Angelfish Species To Choose

Large Saltwater Angelfish hobbyists find large saltwater angelfish species very intriguing. Their large size goes beyond one foot, which enhances their presence in your aquarium. However, the angelfish species are pretty aggressive and territorial. Which is why owners are recommended to use a large-sized tank in order to keep them. Also, it would be smart to include them at the end, in the aquarium family. This will help to limit aggression.

These species can be pretty expensive. However, the ultimate price depends on the type of your angelfish and the store you choose. If you keep them properly, they stay the focus of your aquarium for about 10 years.

Younger angelfish species find it challenging to complete a long trip from the catcher to the store and many other stops. Hence, they need proper acclimation to safely complete a long trip. And, when you get them, it is better to keep them with a few cleaner species of shrimps. They will keep the angelfish free from pests.

The eating habits of large saltwater angelfish species involve zooplankton, sponges, macro and micro algae. You can find packaged frozen cube food options for your angelfish species. Just make sure they are full of sponges and algae.

In between eating, this fish likes to graze on live rocks, so you should add one or two live rocks in your aquarium.

With all the initial preparation, you can now choose from the following large angelfish species.

1. Bellus Large Saltwater Angelfish

This one grows to be 7 inches in size. So, you need an aquarium longer than 120 gallons to keep one. They have a white-blue combination of color with thick black stripes on top and front.

5 Large Saltwater Angelfish Species To Choose
5 Large Saltwater Angelfish Species To Choose

2. Blue Large Saltwater Angelfish

This large saltwater fish can grow to a massive size of 15 inches. The adults feed on a lot of sponges and sleep more than a few times every day. The color has different shades of blue with large pointy fins.

3. Blueface Large Saltwater Angelfish

To keep this blue-face fish with a yellow tail, you need an aquarium larger than 220 gallons. The contrast of blue and yellow in this large saltwater fish attracts people towards it.

4. Annularis Blue Ring Angelfish

This angelfish is less aggressive than other species of the same kind. However, you need to be careful when stocking. The setup has to be large enough to contain the size of this fish and provide enough swimming space. You will need to feed it very often.

5 Large Saltwater Angelfish Species To Choose
5 Large Saltwater Angelfish Species To Choose

5. Emperor Large Angelfish

This one is expensive among other counterparts. The younger ones have different shapes and colors, but they grow up to look like a perfect combination of white and blue stripes with black spots. They need a heavy diet of sponge.

Along with all that, you can choose other angelfish species such as the French Angelfish, Koran Angelfish, Queen Angelfish, Regal Angelfish, and Scribbled Angelfish as well.

Now, you are ready to pick and include a large saltwater angelfish into your collection. 

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