7 Dwarf Saltwater Angelfish Species For Home Aquarium

Dwarf Saltwater Angelfish Species

By keeping dwarf saltwater angelfish in your home aquarium, you can easily capture the beauty of marine angelfish in their dwarf form. These dwarf fishes can easily fit in 30-100 gallons of an aquarium. These small versions of the angelfish also have territorial habits. Which is why you should keep a single dwarf angelfish in one tank.

It shouldn’t be difficult to find angelfish species in your location. Many saltwater fish providers have different varieties of this species.

Here are some of the most attractive dwarf angelfish to choose from:

1. Bicolor Dwarf

This one contains yellow and deep blue colors. The middle section is blue, while the front, as well as the tail end, has a yellow color. This angelfish species can reach up to 6 inches in size and have an aggressive personality against other angelfish.

7 Dwarf Saltwater Angelfish Species For Your Home Aquarium
7 Dwarf Saltwater Angelfish Species For Your Home Aquarium

2. Coral Beauty Dwarf Saltwater Angelfish

This one can reach a size of 4 inches when grown. The colors depend on the coral location where they get collected from. Usually, these angelfish species contain a yellow-colored body along with purple-colored vertical stripes and blue fins.

3. Eibli Dwarf Saltwater Fish

The size of this dwarf saltwater fish can reach about 6 inches. For this species, you will need one qt to avoid them getting cryptocaryon. Their markings and colors look vivid and pretty. So, if you want the prettiest angelfish species, this one may be the right choice.

4. Flame Dwarf Saltwater Angelfish

This one is very popular but takes a lot to keep. Most of them show the signs of saltwater ich. You should how they eat and ask the store owner to keep a Flame Angelfish for several weeks before buying. But, it sure looks amazing in a home aquarium.

5. Lemon peel Dwarf

When grown completely, they reach about the size of 5 inches. They look bright lemon in color with a blue ring surrounding their eyes. Most importantly, they are easy to manage in a home aquarium. So, you can feel free to pick this one for your aquarium. Make sure you keep them away from any other aggressive angelfish species.

7 Dwarf Saltwater Angelfish Species For Your Home Aquarium
7 Dwarf Saltwater Angelfish Species For Your Home Aquarium

6. Potter’s Dwarf Saltwater Angelfish

This one comes under the darker shades in terms of color. The size also reaches about 4 inches only. This species is found near the Hawaiian Islands, where they live freely. If you get one of these, you would have to provide it with enough time to get adjusted to the aquarium climate. They take a longer period to get acclimated.

7. Pygmy Dwarf

This angelfish obtains a small size of 3 inches only, which is why keeping and managing them is pretty easy. You can have a small 20 to 30-gallon tank to keep this fish. They are not very aggressive and look beautiful with their deep blue body and yellow front section.

To keep them for a long time, provide them a diverse diet containing optimal algae matter. This will help proper coloration. Also, try adding live rocks to keep them happy.

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