Aquarium Chiller Electronic Device

Aquarium Chiller Electronic Device
Aquarium Chiller Electronic Device

Aquarium Chiller Electronic Device

This Aquarium Chiller Electronic Device is a must-have for all those who have fish tanks! It is suitable for many types of aquatic pets! Fishes, just like other animals, have different needs depending on their breed. Some of them might need a warmer temperature and others need colder. As the owner, it is important that you know what it is that your fish needs in order for it to survive. If your pet is one of the fish breeds that require a colder water temperature, then you should definitely get this aquarium chiller.

Features Of Aquarium Chiller Electronic Device

  • The Aquarium Chiller Electronic Device is suitable for aquariums of less than 50L
  • This device maintains the water temperature; It has a digital display for easy monitoring
  • User-friendly interface and it has a handle for convenience; Durable and heavy-duty
  • Plug Type Variants: 110-120V (60HZ); 220-240V (50HZ)
  • Power: 200W/ Adapted Lift Max: 3m / Temperature Range: 10-40 Centigrade
  • Water Hose Compatability: 8mm (inner diameter)/ Size: 30 x 14 x 21.5 cm
  • Package Contents:
    • 1 x Aquarium Chiller
    • 1 x Wire Connector

Maintains Water Temperature

The main purpose of this device is to maintain a certain temperature for your water. It also adjusts its temperature depending on the need. It can provide a temperature range of 10 to 40 centigrade. Also, this device suitable for fish tanks with a maximum capacity of 50L. In the wild, fishes can just swim to an area that is colder or warmer but they can’t do that inside an aquarium. And that’s why it is up to you to provide that environment for them. But don’t worry because this device is easy to use and you can choose from two plug types too.

Digital Display 

The best feature of this aquarium chiller is its digital display. This allows you to easily monitor the temperatures that it provides so you can easily change it. It also has a user-friendly interface since the buttons are easy-access. This chiller can fit ay hose with an inner diameter of 8mm. As for the water flow, the appropriate rate is about 1-3 liters per minute.  This device has a handle which makes it easy to carry and ideal for traveling. It has an air inlet which allows it to suck in air so it doesn’t overheat on the inside. Finally, it is easy to set up and heavy-duty.

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