Aquarium Digital Thermometer For Fish Tank Water Temperature

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Aquarium temperature is a key factor in maintaining the health of your fish. It is very much applicable when treating an ill fish, breeding, or selecting different fishes to stay together. But many experts disagree that an aquarium always needs calm water and a constant temperature. Hence, the need for a digital aquarium thermometer comes. Some experts even feel that when a fish doesn’t experience the typical day and night temperature change that occurs naturally. They might develop a weak immune system, diseases affect them. However, all experts believe that a rapid or significant change in water temperature can be harmful to your fish tank.

Aquarium thermometers may look small but it’s one of the most essential components for your fish tank. Although your aquarium may look fine, the constant temperature changes can be stressful for both plants and fishes. So, having a good thermometer can help you track the water temperature at various times throughout the day. There are mainly three basic types of aquarium thermometer: the LCD thermometers, digital aquarium thermometer, and floating thermometers. Each of these has various sub-types with its advantages and disadvantages. Various models are available for different shapes and sizes of fish tanks. However, here we will discuss the three basic types of thermometers.

Aquarium Digital Thermometer For Fish Tank Water Temperature
Aquarium Digital Thermometer For Fish Tank Water Temperature

The LCD Thermometers – A Form Of Digital Aquarium Thermometer

This type is for freshwater aquariums as they are commonly provided with a new package. LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) thermometers are often called digital aquarium thermometer, which is not true. Although they display results digitally, its mechanism is completely different. LCD thermometers are great for general use as they are inexpensive and accurate enough. Some of its variants even display results both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. There is some debate regarding the accuracy and the impact of room temperature on these thermometers. Since they stay outside the aquarium and can easily get affected by the air temperature.


  • Very much affordable.
  • Easy to use.
  • These are generally non-breakable.


  • Not the most accurate type.
  • The warning/alert feature not available.
  • Hard to see in low light.

Digital Aquarium Thermometer – The Battery Operated One

Digital aquarium thermometers generally consist of a probe, placed inside the fish tank. And this wire connects to the display meter placed outside the tank. Some variants connect wirelessly, while others consist of a wire that connects the probe with the display. Digital thermometers generally require batteries to operate, even though there are variants that you can plug on the wall outlet. Some higher-end models provide an alert feature that warns about the rise or fall of water temperature below the desired range. The lower-priced models generally do not have this alert feature, as they display on more than one scale.


  • Alert feature available.
  • The temperature reading is very accurate.
  • Room temperature doesn’t affect it.


  • The most expensive type.
  • Most models require batteries to operate.
Aquarium Digital Thermometer For Fish Tank Water Temperature
Aquarium Digital Thermometer For Fish Tank Water Temperature

Floating Thermometers – Accurate Digital Aquarium Thermometer

A floating thermometer can directly place inside your aquarium, providing you much more accurate reading. There are some variants that you can weigh so they sink and stand on the bottom of the fish tank. These are standing thermometers. The biggest disadvantage of this type is that they have glass material, which makes them fragile. If you have an aquarium, with active fishes then this type is not for you.


  • Affordable
  • Room temperature doesn’t affect the reading.
  • Can place in various areas of your fish tank.


  • Reading difficulty due to small scale length.
  • Generally, they make them with glass.
  • Less accurate when to compared a digital aquarium thermometer.

An aquarium thermometer is an important tool in maintaining the balance of your little aquatic world. It might also help you identify the problems occurring due to a change in temperature.

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