Aquarium Fish: Top 5 That You Can Buy

Are you a novice in the field of the fish tank and aquarium fish? If Yes! Then you should know about the top fish varieties that you can keep in the fish tank.

For a beginner, an aquarium of 10 gallons is perfect. It is inexpensive in comparison to the bigger ones, and you can handle well due to its small size. Now, I will tell you about the types of fish that you can keep in the fish tank.

Aquarium Fish: Top 5 That You Can Buy
Aquarium Fish: Top 5 That You Can Buy

Aquarium Fish – Celestial Pearl Danios

Known for its peaceful nature, you can easily take care of this fish. Since they are of the length of 1-inch maximum, you can happily keep 10 of them in your fish tank with others. The deep blue metallic color of this fish having spots of jewel adds a dash of color in the aquarium.

Its fins have horizontal bands of orange color. Do not forget to decorate your fish tank with varieties of rocks, driftwood as well as caves because this fish likes to dwell in well-planted tanks.

Betta Aquarium Fish

It is a freshwater fish having different colors. It also requires very easy maintenance. Make sure to keep them in a well-planted fish tank having filters.

Though this species likes to live alone, you can keep them with others. But before that, you should check whether your betta fish is peaceful or not. Do not keep them with fancy guppies as their flowing fins are similar to those of betta fish.

Aquarium Fish: Top 5 That You Can Buy
Aquarium Fish: Top 5 That You Can Buy


It is one of the ideal fish for beginners. The guppies are lovely, and you can maintain them with ease. They breed very quickly. Either keep the male species or the female ones.

They are of vibrant colors; however, the males look more beautiful than the females. Well-planted fish tanks having java moss or java fern are the ideal homes for the guppies. A 10-gallon aquarium is perfect for ten guppies.

Neon Tetras

It is one of the famous freshwater fish that is ideal for an aquarium. They are peaceful in nature; however, they are very short in size; they grow about 1.25 inches maximum.

Well planted aquariums with driftwood and various rocks are ideal as this species likes to play hide and seek. Iridescent blue color with a vibrant reddish strip from midway to the tail makes the neo tetra extremely attractive to look at.

Dwarf Gourami – Aquarium Fish

This peaceful fish variety needs medium care. The females have silver bluish-gray bodies having pale vertical stripes of yellow color. On the other hand, the males have orangish-red bodies with vertical blue colored stripes.

They are scared of loud noises. So make sure that your fish tank is at a calm place if you are keeping the dwarf Gourami. They like to thrive in tanks that have lots of plants, especially floating plants. You can keep different peaceful fish along with dwarf Gourami in your fish tank.

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