Aquarium Heater Fish Tank Supplies

Aquarium Heater Fish Tank Supplies

People love to keep fish as pets. These small colorful creatures are kept in aquariums at home. There are many species of fishes, and they come from many different environments. Thus maintaining a proper environment for them in the fish tank or aquarium is essential. hence for maintaining water temperatures you need Aquarium Heater.

Importance of Aquarium Heater

It is crucial to replicate temperatures of the natural habitat of fishes. Fishes survive at the same temperature as their natural water. Also, as they are removed from their place of origin atmospheric temperature varies in the new location. So the aquarium temperature needs to be kept as per the natural habitat of fishes. Weather is different in different countries. Thus fish keepers must take note of the climate at their place and the environment to which the fish belongs.

Product Features

  • It allows you to adjust the water temperature between  17℃-35℃
  • High quality and durability makes it long-lasting
  • Also safe and has an anti-explosive glass shell
  • As it uses plastic, metal, and glass, it is long-lasting
  • It uses 220V of voltage and has an 80cm long power cable
  • Above all, is lightweight and is available in many variants

Aquarium Heater Fish Tank Supplies 

Aquarium Heater Fish Tank Supplies
Aquarium Heater Fish Tank Supplies 

This aquarium heater is a must for all fish owners. You need to choose from available power options: 25w, 50w, 100w, 200w or 300w, for your aquarium.  Also, you can select heating rods of different lengths. They are available in 12.1-inch, 10.4 inch or 8-inch length rods.

Need For Aquarium Heater

It is a crucial fish tank supply. Without proper temperature, fishes die in the aquarium. Fishes’ do not have natural body heat like humans, so it is difficult for them to adapt to water temperatures. Thus you need to provide the appropriate water temperature; otherwise, they cannot survive. Also, the chance of contamination in the aquarium in other organisms start developing in the aquarium. With proper temperature control, health, and hygiene of both water and fishes stays good.

Submersible and Durable Aquarium Heater

There are various types of water heaters available in the market. Submersible water heaters are useful for any aquarium. This heater regulates the water temperature as the radiator is submerged in the water. These are anti-corrosive and does not react with water. Thus it does not affect fishes by releasing toxic chemicals in the water. It is made from high quality and durable material so it can last for a long time. You need to clean it regularly to make it last longer.


Thus as fishes rely on water to maintain their body temperature, it is essential to maintain water temperatures in the aquarium. Also, you should maintain a constant temperature. Keeping local fishes do not require much temperature control. But if you are keeping fishes which belong to water bodies of different places you should keep a check on water temperature. Furthermore, it is advisable to keep fishes that belong to the same ecosystem. 

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