Beginners Setup For Aquarium Fish

Beginners Setup For Aquarium Fish

Setup for aquarium fish is to design an aquarium for yourself .it is one of the most beautiful things but you also need to keep in mind that this is a hobby requiring lots of patience and some amount of research. Since you are asking how to set up, we believe you already have a location in mind for the tank, tank size and you have decided upon what kind of aquarium you want. If not just read on.

Total Setup

Beginners Setup For Aquarium Fish
Beginners Setup For Aquarium Fish

Your glass or acrylic tank
Gravel (will be different if it’s a planted system)
Mechanical filter/Under gravel filter
Powerhead filter (as per the size of your tank)
Replacement filter media just in case
Heater (not mandatory depends on your system and where you stay)
Lights (LED / T5 /T8)
Decorative material (plants or other materials like shells n stuff)
A test kit (not mandatory but always useful)
Fish food (depends on the kind of fish)
Glass scrubber
Fishnet, air stone, and air pump

Now before you plan to set up an aquarium, you need to decide the size of the tank, and what kind of aquarium you would like to keep. 
Freshwater system: Planted aquarium, Species only or a community tank goes fine.
Saltwater system: Fish only tank, a reef system.

More Instruction To Setup For Aquarium Fish

Beginners Setup For Aquarium Fish
Beginners Setup For Aquarium Fish

Assuming you are going with the very common freshwater here is what you need to do.

Make sure the tank is washed and cleaned properly. Set up your tank on its designated stand. Make sure you place a thick sheet of thick base on the position before you place the container on the stand.

Fill them with water and create a sand bed with gravel of your choice. Do the landscaping as per your needs and install the lights for your tank once you use up the air stone and depower the head filter and let it run for at least 2 days before you introduce any fishes.

 You will run the air stone to oxygenate the water and run the powerhead filter to keep water moving. Buy a couple of disposable fishes like guppies to help with the nitrogen cycle, which should take at least 3–4 weeks.

Once the nitrogen cycle is complete you can get rid of the guppies you added initially and, add the fishes of your choice which you researched.

Make sure you acclimate them well when introducing them into your tank and keep the lights off until the next cycle to avoid your fishes being stressed out. Maintain a proper light cycle, at least for 7–8 hours per day. There it is done.

You are required to know the proper amount of food to provide to the fishes. Remember not to overfeed them. Adequate maintenance of cleanliness, oxygen, light, and food is all your aquarium needs.

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