Clownfish Anemone Compatibility With Other Fishes

Clownfish Anemone Compatibility With Other Fishes

The clownfish is restless, curious, and observant. They can live with other fishes of the Amphiprion family. However, with age, it becomes territorial and rejects those of their species that are not part of their colony. He lives in small groups where the size of its members differentiates sex. The largest fish will be the dominant female and the second the male reproductive. The rest of the colony are males that are at different levels of maturity. In this hierarchy, the female is the one in charge, she is aggressive with other females and with the reproductive male that remains submissive. Moreover, you can check its compatibility on compatibility chart with Clownfish Anemone and other species.

Characteristics Of The Clownfish Anemone

This species measures 10 to 18 centimeters in length. Males are smaller than females, their size is closely linked to the level of the acquire hierarchy.

It can be well-known at first sight by having a beautiful combination of orange with white bands at each end of its body and in the center. The edges are black, and sometimes their predominant color can vary from dark red to lighter shades. However, there are melanic specimens that replace the orange color with black, giving them an elegant and unique appearance.

Clownfish Anemone Compatibility With Other Fishes
Clownfish Anemone Compatibility With Other Fishes

Care Of This Species

  • Choose the size of the aquarium according to the number of copies that will be in it. For a couple of clownfish, it will be enough with about 150 liters of water. From five copies, the capacity should be increased to 450 liters.
  • Water should remain between 24 and 27 degrees of temperature. If you decide to accompany the fish with an anemone, you should be aware of the pH (keep it between 8 and 8.4) and never exceed the nitrate level beyond 20 ppm (parts per million).
  • Maintain a density above 1,020 and 1,040.
  • Feeding the clownfish should not be a problem. In addition to feeding on algae and other elements of its environment, it can be complement with vegetables (spinach) and small portions of meat (chicken liver, squid, and mussels). Dry food, like tubifex worms, can also use.
  • The presence of an anemone will reduce the levels of aggressiveness of this species in its interaction within the aquarium.
  • To avoid buying two copies of the same sex, it is ideal to acquire two fish of different sizes. Choosing two females can be fatal for their coexistence because of their mark territorial character.
Clownfish Anemone Compatibility With Other Fishes
Clownfish Anemone Compatibility With Other Fishes

Important Tips

  • Currently possible to find clownfish anemone that comes from captive breeding. It is preferable to buy these specimens breed in captivity, although the price of the Clownfish is higher.
  • It is important to prevent these fish from disappearing in their natural state.
  • When buying specimens for the aquarium, you must ensure that you do not buy two females, especially since they are too territorial and would be disastrous.

If you buy two males, there would be no problem. One of the two acquires the role of the female, and nothing would happen.

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