Essential Knowledge Fish Store Employees Must Have

Small Fish Tank Setup: Some Guidelines

Like every other retailing market, the live species market has two interfaces. One is the traditional round the block pet shop. Most of the time, they know their customers by name and pets they have. Secondly, the major pet chain stores which have a large inventory. But, what they lack is a thoroughly trained and interested salesperson. They often fail to satisfy customer needs and queries. We cannot blame the fish store employees as most of them mainly works for pocket money. They are least bothered about the sudden white spots on your goldfish.

All they care about the paycheck, which is normal. It is entirely the responsibility of the retailer chain administration to train and educate them properly about the livestock. They must have minimum knowledge about their care. Th solves many confusion and customer harassment. The training may result in short term sales reduction. But it will surely help in long term sales. It will also definitely improve the salesman and customer relations. In the end, it will be profitable for both. As we are dealing with livestock, the person must be interested in this field. That should be the main criteria while hiring.

Essential Knowledge Fish Store Employees Must Have
Essential Knowledge Fish Store Employees Must Have

Some Primary Knowledge Store Men Must Have

1. They must be aware of the essential habitats of the fish species they are selling.

2. They should know about the food habits of the fish. The height of the tank water they live in and eat their food.

3. They must be aware of the water parameters a particular fish live. Such as like pH balance, temperature, marine or fresh, etc.

4. They should know about the combination of the fish that can live together in the same aquarium.

5. They must be aware of the full adult size of salable fish. So that they can advise the customer about the tank size for keeping.

6. They must have thorough knowledge about the fish breeding program. They also should be able to determine the gender of the fish. If not, then refrain from selling fish pairs to inexperienced customers.

7. They should know about the complete nitrogen cycle of an aquarium. That is a crucial prime point for fish keeping.

8. They must be aware of the temperament of a particular fish species. It is essential for a mixed kind of tank.

9. They must know about fish diseases and their cure.

Essential Knowledge Fish Store Employees Must Have
Essential Knowledge Fish Store Employees Must Have

Some Extra Knowledge Fish Store Employees Can Have

1. They must be aware of the unique needs of the fish if any. Like if it’s a livebearer or coral eater or needs some stones to lay eggs.

2. Always ask the customer about his hobby, his tank size, fishes he already has, etc. They will share it happily.

3. Always ask the customer why he wants this fish. Like for keeping, for breeding, etc.

4. Seldom the client can be more aware than the seller. In that matter, a wholesome discussion is always pleasant and enriching.

5. They should know about the quick and easy cures of fish diseases. He should suggest keeping the fish separately.

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