Here Are The 3 Oldest Aquarium Fish In The World

Oldest Aquarium Fish - Here Are The Top 3

Every creature on this planet has different lifespans. Some live for longer periods and some don’t. If we consider fishes, their lifespan depends on their species. However, there are many species of fishes available in this world. Today in this article, we shall be talking about the Oldest Aquarium Fish that has ever lived.

If we open the pages of history, fishes came into existence much before humans did. However, the older species of fishes are now extinct and the fish that we see is their evolved versions. Still, some fishes have lived far more than most of the humans live. Now, let us talk about the 3 oldest aquarium fishes in the world.

1. Oldest Aquarium Fish – Grandad

Oldest Aquarium Fish - Here Are The Top 3
Oldest Aquarium Fish – Here Are The Top 3

This fish is no less than a celebrity! It attracted many people and the tourists thronged to have a glimpse of the oldest aquarium fish to have ever lived in recorded history. It was so famous that over 103 million visitors have visited the aquarium to see the fish. Grandad was originally an Australian lungfish that was caught and brought into the Shedd Museum in Chicago in the year 1933.

At that time, no one would have ever thought that the fish is going to live for so long. While there is no concrete evidence of its actual age, people believe that the fished lived for around 95 years before it died in the year 2017.

2. Methuselah – The Next Oldest Aquarium Fish

After the death of Grandad, Methuselah is now the oldest living aquarium fish ever. Ironically, even this is an Australian Lungfish that was brought into the California Academy of Sciences in the year 1938. The fish is believed to be aged around 90 years and it has spent over 81 years in captivity alone.

However, please note that its age is just an estimation and there are no records to prove his actual age. As per the authorities, the only way to determine its age is by cutting him open, but no one would like to do that. It is believed that it will surpass Grandad as the oldest aquarium fish ever as it is still healthy as of today.

3. Herman

Oldest Aquarium Fish - Here Are The Top 3
Oldest Aquarium Fish – Here Are The Top 3

Herman is a Sturgeon that lives in the Bonneville Fish Hatchery. It is among the most popular icons in Oregon, to such a limit that it is an unofficial mascot of the Oregon region. The authorities at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery have made a special living area for the fish and its friends. The special place for Herman is called the Sturgeon Viewing and Interpretive Center. Millions of tourists visit the center every year and is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

The fish is so popular that some people kidnapped it and nearly killed it. However, the authorities rescued the fish despite severe injuries after getting stabbed multiple times when a group of cruel people tried to steal him. Now, it is safe to say that after escaping death multiple times, it is finally living peacefully in the Bonneville Fish Hatchery.

Moreover, the fish has its own Facebook page and a complete line of merchandise sold after its name. It also appeared in a music video made by Aesop Rock. Talking of its age, it is around 80 years old and was brought into captivity in the year 1938, the same as Methuselah.

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