Buy An Ideal Fish Bowl

How To Buy An Ideal Fish Bowl

A small fish in an ideal fish bowl makes for an excellent pet. It needs minimum maintenance compared to large bulky fish tanks and can be shifted from one place to another easily. A fishbowl is less expensive and requires less time for cleaning and maintaining. Here are a few factors that you should consider while buying a fish bowl. 


Size is a vital element that needs to be considered before buying a fish bowl. Your pet should have enough room and feel comfortable in its environment. Therefore you should take into account the size of your pet in when deciding about the size of the bowl. Larger species of fish need more room than smaller fish varieties. Again adopting more than one fish also asks for more space. Few large species such as goldfish tend to generate a considerable amount of waste which can create problems like bacteria and ammonia.

The One Inch Per Gallon Rule

This rule is based on square inches of the fish but is often confused with length. For implying this rule aptly, the tank or bowl should be properly maintained with a filtration system. It requires changing of 1/4 to 1/3 of the total volume of water in every second and fourth week.

For instance, a guppy fish with dimensions 1/2” x 1/2” x 1/4” counts around 1/5th gallon of water per fish. Hence, according to this rule, you can make room for 4-5 fish in per gallon of water.

How To Buy An Ideal Fish Bowl

How To Buy An Ideal Fish Bowl


The most suitable fish for bowl fall into the “tropical fish” category. Many of these species thrive in an atmosphere that falls into a specific range of temperature. They typically live in zones which fall between 70 F and 78 F. Again not all tropical varieties may sustain in this range. Some may need a lower temperature, and others may require a higher temperature setting for a healthy life.  It is also essential that temperature remains consistent and does not fluctuate time and again. With the smaller bowl sizes, the temperature of the water may quickly fluctuate while larger bowls may not have the same effect.

Ammonia And Waste

A fish can survive up to two days in a healthy environment. So in case you are not around to feed your fish for a day or two don’t overfeed it. Overfeeding your fish can generate a large amount of waste and leftover chunks of food can attract bacteria. It may render the water unsustainable for your pet, and you may return to find it dead in cloudy water. For reducing waste and maintaining quality of water partial water changes and use of live plants may come handy. Plants keep your tank or bowl properly cycled and prevents the death of your pet.

How To Buy An Ideal Fish Bowl
How To Buy An Ideal Fish Bowl


Exposure to too much light can fluctuate the water temperature and create an unhealthy atmosphere for fish. On the other hand, opting for a dark place may result in the formation of algae.  The most suitable option is to buy a fishbowl that comes with led attached lid. Place bowl where it will receive a negligible amount of natural lighting.

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