How To Put Together The Perfect Fish Tank For Your Tropical Fish

Fish are fickle and quite sensitive pets to keep at home. Domestic fish are smaller than most other pets and this makes them all the more delicate. So knowing exactly how to keep them safe, healthy, and happy is not a straightforward matter. However, don’t let this kill your love for the peaceful water dwellers, we have got you covered on how to put together the perfect tropical fish tank.

What Kind Of Substrate Do You Need?

 Most fish tanks are made of glass because of its durability as compared to an acrylic tank. Glass tanks may be easier to maintain, but the bottoms irritate the fish. 

Light reflected from the top of the tank tends to make the fish uncomfortable. For this reason, you need a substrate just to ensure your fish are always comfortable.

The substrate of choice is usually some kind of rock or a weathered down counterpart. So, what type of substrate should you have in your tank? 

How To Put Together The Perfect Fish Tank For Tropical Fish
How To Put Together The Perfect Fish Tank For Tropical Fish

The type of substrate to use depends typically on the kind of fish you want to own. Rocks and other larger particle substrates do not suit soft-bellied fish. Breeds like catfish, for example, would prefer fine sand. 

On the flip side, larger rocks and stones simulate a more natural environment for your fish. At the same time, gravel allows bacteria to breed and regulate water quality.

The Fish Tank Water – Tropical Fish

Once you have selected your substrate, it is now time to move on to the water. Typically, fish can only survive in water, but not just any kind of water. 

There are different kinds of fish that thrive in different habitats. If the fish tank is to be their new home, then the conditions have to be as close as their natural environment. Therefore, regular tap water doesn’t cut it. 

What is inside the water has a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of fish. Tap water is often treated with chlorine as a way of eliminating bacteria contained in water. On the other hand, these tiny organisms usually keep tank water healthy for fish to thrive. 

Additionally, tap water may contain traces of metal elements, which, when ingested by the fish, can be harmful. Tap water can be used but only with proper cautionary measures in place like treating the water beforehand. 

Tropical fish live in warm waters, meaning you will need to create conditions that match their preferred temperature.

How To Put Together The Perfect Fish Tank For Tropical Fish
How To Put Together The Perfect Fish Tank For Tropical Fish

Additional Fish Tank Gear

There are still a few extras you’ll be needing for the tank to sustain life for the fish. One of these, and the most crucial of all, an air filter.

A filter ensures that the water is always in motion. This action helps prevent the buildup of algae in the fish tank as well as keep the bacteria moving. Additionally, as the filter stirs up water, it allows oxygen to be infused in the aquatic environment which the fish breathe.

You also need a thermometer to monitor the water temperature. A heater would also come in handy if you decide to keep tropical fish.  

Fish Tank Extras: Decorations 

Fish tank decorations mainly enhance the aesthetics of your fish tank. However, they do more than just make a pleasing appearance.

These ornamental bits and pieces provide important hiding places especially if you have several fishes. Plant items play an even greater role in your fish tank by infusing oxygen into the water. The vegetation also adds bacteria and generally makes for a more natural environment. 

How To Put Together The Perfect Fish Tank For Tropical Fish
How To Put Together The Perfect Fish Tank For Tropical Fish

Selecting The Fish – Tropical Fish

Once you have sorted out the fish tank environment, you can now move on to choosing the kind of fish you want.

There are about 1800 tropical fish species – a large selection to choose from. When settling for a fish type, consider some factors especially the fish tank features. The size of your tank determines both the size and number of fish you can buy and keep comfortably. 

If you want to keep several types, make sure you find the right combination. Some fish dwell with other breeds better than others. Mollies, guppies and catfish are often comfortable around other breeds. 

Make sure your fish are compatible with one another. If they are not, the smaller breeds are often made into quick snacks. If you’re unsure of which types to keep, simply check your pet store for critical advice.

Keeping tropical fish is a worthwhile venture owing to their aesthetic value. They will add some much-needed colour to just about any household. Also, because of their size, they are quite easy to maintain. 

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