Guppy Fish Care -

Guppy Fish Care

If you are new fish owner and are planning to keep an aquarium, then Guppy fish would be the best option or you. The reason is that they are easy going and even non aggressive when it comes to temperament. Moreover, the said fish is known to be forgiving to the novices who may be keeping the fish as a pet for the first time.

Moreover, the Guppy fish like every other fish species has a particular requirement in order to remain healthy. Thus, if you are an aquarium hobbyist and wish to keep the fish as pet, here are few tips that can help you in this regards.

Keep Your Guppy Fish Hale And Hearty
Keep Your Guppy Fish Hale And Hearty

Tips For Guppy Care

Guppy fish is basically a common species of fish that can be found mostly in the freshwater tanks. In fact, there can hardly be a fish that can adapt so well to the different environments. They vary in size, with males varying between 1.5 and 3.5 cm and female guppies range between 3 and 6 cm in length.

Diet Matters

These fishes can eat a lot of variety food items such as algae and even water insect larvae. However, in your home aquarium, you can feed them a combination of food items. However, take care that you feed them only quality flake food items which are designed to enhance their colors. You can even feed them freeze dried food item. However, you should avoid giving the pellet food as the pellets can be really large for the said fish’s mouth. Thus, they may find it difficult to eat it.


Keep Your Guppy Fish Hale And Hearty
Keep Your Guppy Fish Hale And Hearty

Try to maintain the temperature of the tank between 72 and 82 degree Fahrenheit. This is the perfect temperature which will help the Guppy fish remain healthy and lively, even in summers. You can definitely learn ways to maintain the temperature of the tank from professionals.

Breeding Tank

The breeding tank should be large enough to give ample of space to the Guppy fish for breeding. If the tank is small, it may pose some problems for the fish. Moreover, though the fish may remain in harmony with some fishes but there are some species which can eat the Guppy fish. Thus, it is always better to ask a professional if you want to keep the fishes in a community. Thus, you can consider adding similar specie fishes, such as platys or gouramis.

Birth Control

The Guppy fishes can mate quite quickly. Thus, it is always better to keep a control over their birth rate. Since they are prolific breeders, you can expect nurturing a full tank with 3 to 4 fishes coming from a single mother. Thus, it is advisable not to keep the male and female Guppy fishes together since this would automatically reduce their mating opportunities. You can even put a clear plexiglass divider between the two genders.

Talk To A Professional

If you are new aquarium holder, it is always good to talk to a professional. These professional will give you proper advice and tips to make you fully equipped regarding handling the Guppy fishes.

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