Getting To Know Fresh Water Tropical Fish

Know About Different Fresh Tropical Fish

Let us discuss the different fresh tropical fish and the ways you can take care of them while keeping in your fish tank.

Types Of Fresh Tropical Fish – Arowana

It is a popular fish among tropical fishes to keep in the aquarium has a significant influence on Chinese culture. Arowana grows large in size kind of a monster fish so should only be kept in large water tanks. It is of different colors and gorgeous and attractive to keep.

Types Of Fresh Tropical Fish – Barbs

It is a ray-finned fish and very unique as well. You must ensure to take care of these fishes well and they must have a healthy and long life. They should surround around with plants in the water tank. As they are aggressive, so it is recommended to keep them separate from the smaller community like tetra.

Know About Different Fresh Tropical Fish
Know About Different Fresh Tropical Fish

Types Of Fresh Tropical Fish – Betta

Betta is a small kind of fresh tropical fish and utterly different from others. It has a lot of colour variables. It has another name as Japanese fighting fish; however, they are much away from fighting when it comes to fishes like cichlid. For this kind of fish, it is advised to maintain the correct ratio of male and female fish and keep in proper size of the tank depending on numbers of fish.


It is the most popular known fresh tropical fish and very lively as well. Bottom feeder fish is another name for this fish. Catfish name comes as it has barbels on its face, which resembles a lot with cat’s whiskers. Many people prefer to keep at least one catfish in their water tank as it is different from other fishes, possess different characteristics and very active as well. Catfish keeps swimming in water regularly, so it is quite interesting to watch. All catfishes vary in size, colour and shape. Pleco is the giant fish of this species.


Gourami is native to India. It belongs to Pakistan and India and then to the northeast towards Korea. Gourami is a plural form of more than one fish. Such fishes need space in community water tanks and are a great option to keep in aquariums. It exhibits lots of beautiful colours and quite calm as well.

Easy Survivors

Easy survivors’ fishes are known as livebearers as they keep the eggs inside their body and give birth to young ones for free swimming. These are the most natural breed of tropical fish. They are compatible with all kind of water environments and are easy to take care of. Livebearers are the ones which are most preferred by the water tank owners. They come in a variety of colours which depends upon male and female fish. Few of them are as Guppies, Mollies, Platy etc.

Know About Different Fresh Tropical Fish
Know About Different Fresh Tropical Fish


Tetra fish is kind of a beauty symbol among all the fishes. It varies in different colors. Once you see this fish, you would lie to own it. It is very active and seems to be really beautiful in swaying in big water tanks.

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