Live Rocks for Saltwater Aquariums

Live Rock for Saltwater Aquariums

Live rocks are basically just broken off coral reef structures by nature in events like hurricanes or storms. It is often referred to as ‘live’ as all the living organisms found on the within that rock are alive. As we know, the reef is home to over ten million species. Various species of algae, crabs, marine worms, sponges, and other life forms make their homes on such structures for nutrition. When you buy this rock, you are most likely to have them on there. There are various pros of having such a rock in your Saltwater aquarium, and that is precisely what we will explore now. Let’s know more about live rock for saltwater.

Biological Filter

Such rocks are very porous and function as the primary filter in such saltwater tanks. The numerous pores and the enormity of the surface area aid the filtering process very much. For larger tanks, this works as the best biological filter and does not harm the tank in any which way. It helps bacteria that have aerobic as well as anaerobic respiration.

Live Rock for Saltwater Aquariums
Live Rock for Saltwater Aquariums

Benefits Of the Live Rocks

  • works as a wonderful biological filter
  • Gives a functional hiding space for saltwater creatures
  • It is a functional living space for the creatures
  • Acts as a source of food
  • The vibrant colored algae are attractive
  • The organisms on the rock are just as fascinating as your fishes
  • Rocks bring a more natural appeal to the saltwater tanks
  • It improves our entire experience

Cured Rocks

This is essentially any rock that has been at the retailers for a good long period. It is almost always scrubbed off of any dead or dying organisms from the face of the rock. The rock is cured by being placed in a high-circulation curing tank.

Do not readily put it in your tank. It can have parasites that are hiding away. Remove any undesirable organisms and then add it to your tank.

Uncured Rocks

They are usually cheaper than the cured one. Ones with a tight budget can always opt for such a rock and yet not be too disappointed. The only disadvantages are that you are to expect more work for yourself. You’ll need to get the curing materials yourself and have it sorted your way for your tank.

Live Rock for Saltwater Aquariums
Live Rock for Saltwater Aquariums

Types Of Live Rocks:

Base Rock – usually found under the pile and is way cheaper. It has lesser living activity on it, and you can definitely save some money off it.

Pacific Rocks– this kind comes from Fiji and other locations of pacific. It is way more porous and a better option overall.

Atlantic/Gulf/Caribbean Rock– they come from all those respective places and are known for the same. They are not as porous and might not be the best options either.

Aqua Cultured– this refers to the type of pf rocks that are places artificially in the oceans to sell them. They wait for years to be homes to the bacteria and then populate gradually. It is a very green decision type, as well.

Live rocks are beautiful additions to your saltwater tanks that act as essential cores. Choose the right one, and you could have a balanced ecosystem developing.

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