Piranha Fish For Beginners Guide Details

Piranha Fish For Beginners Guide Details

It is quite complex to differentiate between a male and female piranha fish. At first glance, you can see the difference due to the behaviour patterns of these fish, especially during the mating period. Piranha males become brighter, and the females’ abdomen is round.

Appropriate Aquarium For Piranha Fish

Unlike rumours appearing on the Internet, piranha fishes do not attack humans except in rare cases. Redbelly piranha and the black piranha can try to do so in the presence of underwater blood or excessive exercise. When preparing a tank of piranha fish for beginners, you need to know that it is a cold-blooded fish that requires a constant temperature of at least 22ºC and 28ºC.

Piranha Fish For Beginners Guide Details
Piranha Fish For Beginners Guide Details

These fishes need good quality freshwater. Because of their size, we cannot have any specimen without having a large aquarium, that is, with a minimum of 120 litters, and that is that a piranha can exceed 30 centimetres. Inside the tank, there are hiding places and natural aquatic plants. The piranha fishes feel comfortable because of dim lighting.

There are many different kinds of piranha fishes, and most are not companionable with other fish or even specimens of the same species. You should be properly informed about what you are trying to hire.

Piranha Fish Reproduction

Piranhas reproduce easily in aquariums. They are oviparous, and the males take care of the nest until the fry are born. The offspring should be removing and classified by size. It is very important to always feed the fry with live food, to avoid problems of cannibalism among siblings, especially of different sizes (they grow rapidly). The young piranhas are golden underneath and have small black specks on their sides. In adulthood, its colour turns dull grey with tiny pints that look like iridescent silver sparkles.

Piranha Feeding

This is a fundamental part that we must consider before adopting a piranha. The food of the piranha consists of the meat of other fish that inhabit its surroundings, a delicacy that favours tearing and chewing, thus maintaining its healthy teeth. We can also provide crustaceans, freshwater invertebrates, insects, and even raw meat pieces without salt or additives.

Still, piranha fishes can eat plants, as recorded in nature. Therefore, only lettuce or extraordinary fruits can always be provided in small quantities. It should be kept in mind that your diet should be base on a live fish supply. Therefore, we never stop using natural instincts. Moreover, there are certain foods, but it is not advisable to provide cook food.

Piranha Fish For Beginners Guide Details
Piranha Fish For Beginners Guide Details

Recommend Piranha Or Not?

From Expert Animal, we do not recommend that you adopt a piranha as a pet. If you want to do so, we recommend you go to shelters where they have copies that other people reject due to size, ignorance, ineptitude, etc.

In their natural environment, these fish live most of the time looking for prey. It is a fairly common fish, so it usually frequents fish-rich waters. It is one of the best-known types of piranhas. It has a reputation as a great predator of freshwater very dangerous for humans and animals. Keep in mind that a piranha fish grows to a considerable size and needs specific care. You must be responsible and anticipate what may happen in the future, including veterinary costs, transportation, etc

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