6 Tips For Properly Aerating Your Aquarium

Properly Aerating Your Aquarium

Many people love to own fishes as pets. The natural habitats of fishes are lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans. In such large water bodies, the water is moving continuously. However, properly aerating your aquarium can also help. This circulation and movement of water will oxygenate the water. Therefore, fishes will comfortably get the air for their breathing and survival in them. However, we need to keep them in an aquarium. It has a relatively minimal surface as compared to these large water bodies. Hence, you need to use some artificial ways to provide proper aeration in the aquarium. In this article, we discussed the methods for adequately aerating your aquarium.

Properly Aerating Your Aquarium
Properly Aerating Your Aquarium

Keep Fishes In A Large Aquarium

A large aquarium has a greater surface area. Therefore, water contact with air increases. It leads to provide more absorption of oxygen by the water. Hence, it is essential to buy a large size aquarium for the fishes. Many people mistakenly purchase tall aquariums which are not so wide. However, you must look for a more wider one to increase the water contact with air. 

Reduce Temperature For Proper Oxygen Concentration

With the increase in temperature of the aquarium, the oxygen content decreases. It is because there will be more evaporation at increased temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your fish tank in proper temperature. However, some of the places have high temperatures above 80 degree Celsius. Hence, in these regions, we need to use artificial devices for proper aeration.

Make Use Filters For Aerating Your Aquarium

The filters are handy to provide proper aeration to your aquarium. Some of them need to be hanging on the back of the tank. They provide surface agitation in the water. The surface area in contact with air increases due to these disturbances. Moreover, they circulate the water from bottom to top. Hence, it is an excellent device to increase the air concentration.

Properly Aerating Your Aquarium
Properly Aerating Your Aquarium

Power Heads

You can also use the powder heads for the circulation. Sometimes, the filters are not able to provide enough flow. This device will add enough oxygen by expelling the water from the tank. Moreover, you can also adjust the air intake in these devices. There are some areas in the aquarium having very less concentration of oxygen. These regions are the dead spots. The Power Heads can also eliminate these dead spots. For large-sized tanks, it is the ideal option to provide enough aeration to the water.

Air Stones To Properly Aerating Your Aquarium

These are not pure stones. They are porous stones connected with a pump. These air pumps produce bubbles in your tank. Many people have the misconception that there are bubbles that have oxygen in them. However, these bubbles will not provide any oxygen. They give the disturbance and circulation in the surface of the water. This way, these air stones help to raise the oxygen concentration in your fish tank.

Aerating Ornaments

These ornaments come in a variety of shapes. It can be a pirate ship or a plastic shell. They function the same as the air stones. However, many people use them to enhance the look of their aquarium

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