Pros And Cons Of A Small Fish Aquarium

Pros And Cons Of A Small Fish Aquarium

Keeping live fish is not a new trend. Today, even the smallest apartment owners love to keep a tiny fish aquarium. The best part of mini aquariums is that they can be set up anywhere, as they require less space. Small aquariums serve as a good habitat for many fish species. However, there are a few drawbacks regarding such an aquarium that should be taken into consideration before opting for one.

Pros Of A Mini Aquarium

There are plenty of benefits to a mini aquarium. And some of them are as follows:

A Small Fish Aquarium
Pros And Cons Of A Small Fish Aquarium

Small Investment

It goes without saying small fish tanks are a lot cheaper than big aquariums. So, if you don’t want to spend much but still want to have fish as pets, you can go for a mini aquarium or tankIt’s a fact that large aquariums require decorations, air pumps, substrate, etc. which will eventually add to their cost.

Minimal Space Requirement

The space for mini aquariums is minimal. So, you can keep such aquariums anywhere, including crowded spaces. Whether you are a college student who wants to keep fish in his or her dorm or a small apartment dweller, you can buy a mini aquarium without any hassle.

Low Maintenance

No doubt small fish tanks require frequent water change in comparison to their large counterparts, as the latter calls for more work. In other words, cleaning small tanks is easy, but you have to do it frequently. On the other hand, larger tanks don’t call for regular cleaning. However, the water change will feel like a tough task. Plus, large aquariums call for decoration items as well as cleaning them, installing air pumps, etc. Hence, this will make their maintenance complex.

Cons Of A Mini Aquarium

A small fish aquarium has a few drawbacks you need to consider before getting them. These are:

Limited Choices

A small tank has limited choices when it comes to choosing fish, plants, decorations, etc. Small tanks are not suitable for many fish species that have territorial requirements. Such tanks are also not suited for aggressive fish that can harm other fishes in the tank. There is a limited selection in the case of plants and decorations as well.

Less Stability 

Pros Of A Small Fish Aquarium
Pros And Cons Of A Small Fish Aquarium

Small water bodies are less stable than their larger counterparts. Also, water chemistry in small water bodies fluctuates a lot and hard to stabilize.

Do’s & Don’ts 

  • Change the water of small tanks frequently. Otherwise, water temperature and chemistry can change drastically.
  • It’s better to choose a small aquarium with all necessary features including a filter, hood, lights, and so on.
  • Small aquariums are suited for small fish including guppy, white cloud, Bloodfin tetra, platy, Ember Tetra, and Paradise Fish. These fish are adaptable in small spaces and very tolerant. This is why they make excellent choices for small tanks.
  • Keep in mind the water temperature of the fish you are planning to keep in the tank. If you can’t maintain its temperature, your fish can die easily.
  • Feed your pet fish on a regular basis. Take a look at them every single day. If you find signs of disease or illness, take action immediately.
  • If you are using activated carbon, use a good quality. Replace the carbon piece every 8 weeks.  
  • Select your fish that are compatible with each other. For a small tank, it’s better to keep not more than 4-5 fish. Never overstock your mini aquarium.
  • Keep fragrant candles, air fresheners, humidifiers, incense sticks, etc. away from the aquarium as they can poison your pets.
  • You should also select your decor wisely. Never use sharp items or toxic decor items for the tank.
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