Sea Urchins In The Salt Water Tank

Sea Urchins In The Salt Water Tank

Sea urchins are the aquatic creatures which are found in the saltwater. Many of the people do not know much about urchins. The good thing is, one can add the sea urchins in the saltwater tank. Hence even a lot of people do not think that these are living creatures due to their appearance.

The biological classification of the urchins is as they fall in the class Echinoidea and in the phylum Echinoderm. The body of urchins is bilateral means they can be divided into two symmetric parts. Some of them are pent lateral as they are divided into five symmetrical parts.

Sea Urchins In The Salt Water Tank
Sea Urchins In The Salt Water Tank

Types Of Urchins 

Urchins have a large variety over 900 kinds of the different species are found. Some of the common urchins are blue tuxedo, long black spine, pencil urchins, short spine, etc.

The body is generally divided into two sections one is the lower section, and another is upper section.

The size of the urchins varies from 6 to 12 cms. They are an example of invertebrates that are found in the salt water.

Sea Urchins For Salt Water Tank

Although sea urchins are sea creatures, they can be kept in a salt water tank very quickly. Actually, sea urchins are an excellent option to add the beauty of your saltwater tank.

Before adding sea urchins to your salt water tank you should know some basic facts about these beautiful tiny creatures. These facts are very beneficial for the healthy and steady growth of the urchins on the saltwater tank.

 So here are some points and facts that can help you to add these creatures in the salt water tank. These facts are as follows-

Sizes And Space

The very first thing to keep in your mind about adding these tiny creatures to your tank is regarding the size of the urchins and the space provided in the salt water tank for them.

Urchins, are very slow to move and small in size. So they do not require a lot of space in the tank, but for the biological balance in the tank, an appropriate area should be provided for them.

Temperature Of The Tank

The next important thing is to be checked by the heat of the tank. Generally, the temperature of water depends upon the species, but the ideal temperature is about 80 F. This temperature is almost the sea temperature which is suitable for the growth of urchins. 

But you have to keep an eye on this critical factor that what is the appropriate temperature for your urchins.

Sea Urchins In The Salt Water Tank
Sea Urchins In The Salt Water Tank

Salinity Of The Tank

As the urchins are the sea animals, so the salinity is an important issue with these organisms. The salinity of the tank should be as near about the salinity of the sea. Hence you should check this factor from time to time so that the salinity level of the container remains accurate.

Food For Urchins

The diet of urchins is a variety of algae. So you should arrange the presence of the right type of algae which is the food for urchins.

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