How To Select Th Right Freshwater Fish

A fish swimming under water

Have you given a thought of making a freshwater fish aquarium? Then you have to know various things before you start. You have to decide which fish will be suitable, how to equip the aquarium and also how to choose the right fish aquarium to keep freshwater fish. Aquariums are of various sizes and shapes; you have to know which one will be suitable. Otherwise, it can get difficult to select the correct one. Here are things that you will concrete your selection-

1. Before choosing your fish aquarium, you must consider what species of fish you want to keep- especially their size and type.

2. How many hours can devote to the maintenance?

3. How much you want to disburse for completely setting up the aquarium.

You have to have a clear answer for each of these questions to move on with picking your fish aquarium.

Fish Type & Size

Secrets Of Selecting Right Freshwater Fish Aquarium
Secrets Of Selecting Right Freshwater Fish Aquarium

To determine the aquarium size, you should consider what will be the final growth size of the fish that you want to purchase. Don’t buy fish that 1-inch long when you buy from the store but will grow too bigger at maturity. And also you will definitely have more than one fish, right?

Decide what kind of freshwater fish you want to keep. You will have a clear idea about the right aquarium size -enough for accommodating them all without any space-crunch. When you select the fish, always consider the compatibility rule of tropical fish, to avoid territorial problems and aggression. Some species stay on their own, so if you want one of such fish, then you may have to get a large aquarium for it.

Maintenance Demand

Secrets Of Selecting Right Freshwater Fish Aquarium
Secrets Of Selecting Right Freshwater Fish Aquarium

Most of the novice fish owners think that if they buy a large aquarium, then the maintenance time will be more than a small one. But the reality is small ones requires more maintenance as the water capacity is less.

Your fish will eat and also excrete waste. The good bacteria will convert the wastes into less toxic substances. But if you don’t perform regular water changes, those less harmful substances will increase. The environment inside the aquarium will be toxic for your fish.

Large aquariums have more water capacity and a greater chance of diluting the toxins. That lessens the maintenance time. If you have less time for maintenance, then do consider buying an aquarium that has 20-30 gallons capacity or larger, instead of some 5-10 gallon aquarium.

Fish Aquarium & Equipment Cost

The bigger the aquarium- the higher its price tag. Even when the price should not be your determining factor, you should definitely consider this. You will also have to keep in mind the aquarium equipment cost. You need a filter, heater as well as a lighting system. If your tank is bigger, the equipment price will get higher as opposed to small equipment for small tanks.

In case you have a money problem, consider buying the aquarium starter kit. There you will get all the primary equipment for the startup.

Others Things To Consider

Be clear to yourself about how much space can you give to place your aquarium. First, think where you will be keeping the aquarium and then decide on the size of it. You can’t keep the tank at direct sunlight, near any cooling or heating vents.

Have you given a thought about how your aquarium is going to look? Before picking one, think about its shape and size, among other things.

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