Selecting Right Tropical Fish For Your New Aquarium

Selecting Right Tropical Fish For Your New Aquarium

It gets very exciting when you buy a new aquarium. However, you have to check your excitement a little when taking some decisions for the success of your aquarium to thrive. Whatever choices you are going to make on tropical fish today, will impact later on. If the choices are wrong, some or many fish will die right at the beginning. The failure has made many owners to give up their willingness to keeping fish.

But that doesn’t mean, you will also go through that phase. Instead, if you consider a few things before buying tropical fish, you may totally avoid the failure phase. There are two main errors that the fish owners must avoid at the time of building a good aquarium filled with tropical fish

Selecting Right Tropical Fish For Your New Aquarium
Selecting Right Tropical Fish For Your New Aquarium

• They should stop themselves from adding way too many fishes same time.

• You can’t choose wrong fish when you are just starting out.

These two are basic yet essential steps that you must consider.

Quantity Of Tropical Fish

When it comes to how many fish you should get for your aquarium, the answer is ‘moderate’. Initially introducing only two-three fish is best. First, you must establish a stable nitrogen cycle before adding more fish. For next one-two round of adding fish, apply the same equation- start with two- three fishes, every time.

Factors To Follow While Choosing Tropical Fishes

New fish owners want to bring a fish based on its physical appeal. But it should not be the main factor when you choose tropical fish for your aquarium. The beginner fish must have some good qualities-

Selecting Right Tropical Fish For Your New Aquarium
Selecting Right Tropical Fish For Your New Aquarium

– Ability to tolerate various water conditions without too much struggle, mainly during the beginning.

– Can eat a variety of fish foods. Also, eager to eat.

– When the fish will reach its ultimate growth, it shouldn’t be overly large.

– Friendly fish.

Tropical fish that have compatibility with other types of fish (if you don’t want only one species of fish).

Usually, the small school of fish is best as the first fish. But remember introducing them in moderate number in your aquarium. If you want to add other fish of different species, then start it after building the first school.

To avoid having one school of Tetras in a brand new aquarium. They are very sensitive towards the water conditions, unlike other tropical fish. After the tank is more mature, you can add Tetras.

First Tropical Fish You Can Add To Your Aquarium

• Barbs- Rosy, Gold, Tico, Purple or Ruby, and Cherry Barbs can be the right choice. But avoid both Spanner and Tinfoil Barbs due to their size. As Tiger Barbs nip and quarrel, avoid those too.

• Danios- Pearl, Leopard, and Zebra Danios are good. Do avoid the Giant Danios because of their size.

• Rainbowfish- Boesmans, Celebes, and Neon are good species of Rainbowfish to start with.

Catfish– Spotted Cory, Panda Cory, and Gold or Corys will be good. Unless you have a large tank, avoid the Plecos because they become big when they grow.

• Rasboras- Scissortails and Harlequins are also good.

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