Care Effectively For Betta Fish

A Betta fish is definitely the most beautiful pet fish you can ever have. In fact, any fish lover would love to have it in possession. However, to maintain this colorful creature in your aquarium, you need to learn ways and tips to care for it effectively. Though, the said fish is known to originate in Thailand but it can still survive in your fish bowl, if it receives the right care and right temperature.

Moreover, by following the right guidance, you can actually make your fish healthier and livelier.

Tips To Take Care of Betta Fish

Tips To Care Effectively For Betta Fish

Betta fish is gaining popularity as an exquisite pet with each passing day. Moreover, it is 2-1/2 inches long, which by the way does not include its tail. Its average life span is limited to 3 years with proper care. It is a carnivore by diet and it can survive in water temperature between 72 and degrees Fahrenheit.

Take Care Of Its Diet

A Betta Fish’s balanced diet would contain pellets, frozen food, different varieties of flakes, and bloodworms. Thus, make sure that you take of this particular diet to provide it ample of nutrition. Moreover, when you are feeding the Betta fish, you need to make sure that you do not overfeed it. Overfeeding can lead to fouling of water, especially if you have small sized or unfiltered aquariums.

Always thaw the food before feeding it to your Betta fish and make sure that you crush the flake food before feeding them to the baby Betta fishes.

Keep Only One Male Betta In The Tank

It is always advisable to keep only male Betta fish in your tank. The reason is that having one or male fishes can make them aggressive and they may end up killing each other. In fact, the Betta fishes are also known as Siamese fighting fishes and they can infact battle till their death.

Tips To Care Effectively For Betta Fish
Tips To Care Effectively For Betta Fish

Always Maintain The Tank’s Temperature

Betta fish survives in a tropical kind of habitat and thus they can survive in temperature between 77 and 80 degrees. If your tank’s temperature is lower than this particular temperature, your fish may get sluggish and may not appear to be healthy.

Do Not Overcrowd

Always maintain a structure when keeping your Betta fishes in your tank. Do not overcrowd them as it can destroy their fins. Thus, always keep them into a balanced group of female fishes. Male fishes should be individual while female fishes can be kept in groups. Do not try to keep your Betta fishes together.

Always Check The Quality of Your Tank’s Water

This tip should be followed even if you have other kind of fishes. Always check the quality of the tank’s water after regular intervals. Moreover, if you are not sure about the good quality of the water, you can always seek the help of professionals. They can in fact come every week and even clean the aquarium for you. Remember, a clean tank always results in a healthy environment for the fishes.

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