Variety Of Coral For Your Reef Tank

Variety Of Coral For Your Reef Tank

Holding up a reef tank is a great challenge as there is a variety of Coral to choose. Let us take you through its different types for your reef tank.

The type of coral you choose will have a direct impact on your reef tank life. If you are new with a saltwater aquarium, then you must go for hard species and coming onto a soft or advanced one after that.

They can be divided into two categories:

Hard And Soft Coral

Hard ones are made up of limestone or calcium carbonate, and they look like rocks. They develop a skeleton internally that develop with its growth. The frame remains in its place even if the hard-lump dies. Hard corals grew even large when a new generation of polyps come. They do not move and also possess a slow growth. These fishes are yet not as colorful as the soft ones. Coral usually get their color from the substances that grow on the surface like algae.

Soft ones are also made up of calcium carbonates like hard ones, but its mixes with proteins, so it is less rigid. They do not possess any skeleton so they can move quickly in water. Soft corals sway away by the breeze as the water flow of the tank impacts them. They are even suitable for the water conditions are it is easy to take their care than hard ones.

Variety Of Coral For Your Reef Tank
Variety Of Coral For Your Reef Tank

Types Of Hard Corals

Corals grow together made up of polyps. Polyps are the animals that do not have a spine and just a few centimeters in length. They are also known as stony corals seem like a branch and very difficult to maintain than soft corals. Hard corals are of two types: Large polyps and Small polyps. The large ones have tiny skeletons and more tissues growing on it, and smaller ones have large frames with small polyps on it.

Few hard species for reef tank named as brain, daisy, horn, bubble, staghorn and finger coral. Brain corals are easy to take care in the home aquarium. Daisy corals have a flower like a look when they are open, and this is why they are easily confused. Bubble coral is easy to identify as it forms bubble sacks. Staghorn produces a variety of shapes and finger one is named for the finger-like way.

Types Of Soft Corals

Soft corals are very much flexible when it comes to placing them in a reef tank. They come in different shapes and colors and can expand and retract as well. Some of its kind are blue corals, pipe corals, tree corals, and green star corals. Tree coral has slender stalks and possesses no polyps. Blue corals possess small polyps of feather look.

Variety Of Coral For Your Reef Tank
Variety Of Coral For Your Reef Tank

If you are new to a reef tank, you may first start with soft coral because they adopt changes very quickly in nature. Before you hold a reef, the tank does good research on corals and its types.

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