What Is An Aquarium Test Kit: Know More

What Is An Aquarium Test Kit: Know More

Don’t we all need our fishes to be floating around merrily? To keep them happy and healthy? Well, that’s why the Aquarium Test Kit is useful. Aquarium test kits are made to check water parameters at a certain level.  Take for example-  with a rise in the level of nitrites there will be more chances of the fishes to be dead.

What Is An Aquarium Test Kit: Know More
What Is An Aquarium Test Kit: Know More

Need For Aquarium Test Kit

To check water levels at the time of newly installed tanks, problems related to freshwater/saltwater level. The kits are made to ensure a hygienic environment for our fishes. Regular checkups of the tanks ensure safety and more chance of being successful in tropical fish hobby. We also need them to get rid of impurities present after some time in the tanks.

Various Tests That You Can Use On Your Aquariums

•Alkalinity Test:-  determines the stability of your tank with the changing level of pH present in the Aquarium. Usually, the reading should come between the 7-12 dkH range.

Calcium Test:-  Calcium is one of the most necessities of the tank that helps in the growth of aquatic animals. Calcium Test is Done to get a note at the quantity poured and how frequent it should be poured to ensure the healthiness of the fishes.

• Ammonia Test:- Ammonia is one of the most popular reasons because of which fishes die. It comes from The waste exerted by the fishes and the decomposed food impurities present in the tank. The result of this test should read out to be zero. 

• Chlorine Test:-  Chlorine is essential for killing off the harmful bacteria in drinking water. It should wipe off from the sea; otherwise, it can murder your fishes.

Copper Test:- Traditional or old water tap leaks copper. You need to make sure that you don’t use any copper-based element. It is harmful to aquatic animals and invertebrates.

• Magnesium Test:-  Magnesium Level present in the tank should be in the tank concerning the saltwater level current in the Aquarium, which is 1200 – 1400 ppm. Magnesium exhaust with time; therefore, it needs changes after a certain point of time.

pH Test:-  it’s a scale measuring the Alkalinity level present in the tank. The pH level should come between 7-10, if it comes to be 14, it means the water is alkaline to an extreme extent, so we don’t need it to reach to that level. The requirements of pH level vary from Fish to Fish that should be kept in mind while getting fishes for the Aquarium.

What Is An Aquarium Test Kit: Know More
What Is An Aquarium Test Kit: Know More

How To Use Aquarium Test Kit

The very first step should be filling the test tube with water. The next step is to pour the testing solution in the test tube with a maximum of 3 drops of the chosen test, shake the test tube well to mix all the elements after then the mixture should come in a single color form. The next step is to match the test tube color with the colors present in the test tube chart, the one that matches is the required result.

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