What To Keep In Mind For Aquarium Decoration

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You have bought your aquarium and set everything required from the filtration system to test kit for water quality. You know which fishes you will want to have in your collection. But have you given a thought of how you are going to decorate the aquarium? Aquarium decoration is something where people get confused about what to do and what not do. Sometimes they overcrowd the aquarium bottom which may look tacky as well hard to maintain. Be creative with your aquarium decoration ideas.

Do Aquarium Decoration From Bottom

What To Keep In Mind For Aquarium Decoration
What To Keep In Mind For Aquarium Decoration


First, decide what type of substrate you are going to use. You will get various options to choose from. Want a sandy bottom or some gravel- small or large? Do you want to lay small stones at the bottom of the aquarium? What about glass pebbles? Want your aquarium decoration to be more natural or colorful?

Before choosing substrate, consider about your fish. Many times choosing substrate depends on the fish you want to keep in the aquarium. With sand, you will get a salt-water feel for fish that prefer such an environment. However, keep in mind that sand goes up the tubes and also challenging to wash than gravels. In case you prefer sand over gravels, then replace the sand very often.

For freshwater fish, gravels and sands are a great choice. They give the aquarium a natural look. Good bacteria don’t get to colonize over glass pebbles due to less surface area. These good bacteria keep checking on the nitrogen level of the aquarium.


What To Keep In Mind For Aquarium Decoration
What To Keep In Mind For Aquarium Decoration

Plants as part of aquarium decoration look more natural. They give color to the tank as well resembles the environment of freshwater. There are wide ranges of aquarium plants for choosing.

Many use artificial plants because they are more colorful and never die. However, real plants can better the water quality of the aquarium. Plants use the nitrogen from the waste products of fishes. It keeps the nitrogen level low inside the tank. As plants breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen, the pH level of the water stays stable.

Other Decorations

You can actually add anything inside the aquarium, making a miniature replica of it. It is up to you how you want the aquarium to look. Before buying these miniatures, you have to keep in mind the size of the bottom. Also, keep in mind all the things that you already have placed. Don’t go overboard.

Do you have much space to add fake corals, giant treasure chest, sunken ships as part of the aquarium decoration? Go with fewer objects. Don’t add driftwood or real coral into the tank. Parasites or diseases may spread, and also it is illegal to disturb coral reefs.

Don’t put any copper, concrete, sharp edge objects, and plastic which are painted. Copper is a toxic element for fish while concrete will leak chemicals into the water. Paint can poison the fishes.

Elements To Cross From Your Aquarium Decoration List

– Ceramics
– Rocks
– Wood
– Glass
– Coins
– Plastics
– Corals
– Shells

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