Which Fish Is Best For Fish Tank?

A fish swimming under water

Aquariums can be a focal point and a gathering place of any room because of its eternal beauty. Many studies show that an aquarium has numerous health benefits like reducing blood pressure and stress. It also helps to re-focus, relax, and recharge for our busy life. For kids, studies found that an aquarium can teach about nature, responsibility, and caring. Observing an aquarium is a great alternative to T.V. shows and computer games. In fact, many teachers use a fish aquarium tank in the classroom to teach animal behavior, water chemistry, and biology. Students who grow up in this environment learn to work together, interact socially, and confidently. Many doctors, dentists, and other health care units use aquariums to help patients relax while waiting in the lounge.

There are mainly two types of aquariums. One is a freshwater aquarium and another is a saltwater aquarium. The freshwater tanks are easier to maintain and requires less effort. And needless to say, freshwater fish has its own plethora of unique and colorful species. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned owner, a freshwater fish has always something new to offer. So here, we will discuss some freshwater fishes for your aquarium. Let’s go.

Which Fish Is Best For Fish Tank?
Which Fish Is Best For Fish Tank?

Neon Tetra For Fish Aquarium Tank

The neon tetra is small and easy to care for any beginner. It’s one of the most popular freshwater species and belongs to the Characidae family. The Neon Tetra is also well known for its vibrant colors and energetic temperament. They are mainly peaceful, non-aggressive fish that easily adjust in your fish aquarium tank.

Guppies For Fish Aquarium Tank

It is another freshwater species that adjust perfectly in a beginner’s aquarium. The Guppies are extremely easy to take care of and tend to breed with each other fast. They can adapt to various water conditions and well-known for their lively personality. But do remember to keep the water temperature constant around (500F – 840F or 100C – 200C).

Goldfish For Aquariums

The Goldfish is easily among the very first fish species that are kept as a pet by us humans. It all dates back to the 9th century when Buddhist monks kept goldfish to protect them from predators. A wild goldfish can grow 10 – 16 inches long and can live up to 25 years or more. With its various shapes, sizes, colors, and species, it can be a great addition in your fish aquarium tank.

Angelfish For Less Populated Aquariums

Angelfish is another popular freshwater species that belongs to the Cichlid family. They are beautiful and often found in various colors and patterns. An angelfish generally eats plants and animals like small insects and shrimps. They are territorial and aggressive and recommended to be kept in less populated tanks.

Betta Fish For Fresh Water Aquarium

Betta Fish is another popular freshwater species among fish aquarium tank owners. They come in various vibrant colors and easy to manage for the most part. Also known as Siamese fighting fish, they are extremely territorial and aggressive with other fish. Try to watch its behavior before keeping your Betta fish with other species in the same tank.

Which Fish Is Best For Fish Tank?
Which Fish Is Best For Fish Tank?

Mollies For Fish Tank Aquarium

They are small, easy-going, and are a great freshwater species that you would love to keep in your fish tank. Mollies are generally omnivorous which means they eat both plants and animals. Since they tend to breed a lot like guppies, keeping one gender is preferable.

Platies For Fish Tank Aquarium

Platies are stunning freshwater species found with exotic colors and are peaceful enough to thrive in a community tank. They seem to get along very well with guppies, mollies, and goldfish. Although, they prefer plant-based food, they eat meat-based food also.

If you’re about to get an aquarium, make sure to take care of your fish and learn their personalities. With all the variety of freshwater species, an aquarium is a great addition to your living room.

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