Why Should You Pay A Visit To The Georgia Aquarium

Why Should You Pay A Visit To The Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is one place where I have spent a good time of my life. It has got more aquatic life in comparison to any other aquarium. Regardless of what you might be interested in, you are bound to get hold of something that would fascinate you. Just as it happened in my case! Even today I remember the announcement that was made in my hometown Atlanta that it would be getting a beautiful aquarium. And it would not be just an aquarium but a very large one not found anywhere in the world. As a child, I loved visiting aquariums and it is one habit that is still there in me. Even today, I seem to be fascinated with all crazy creatures living under the ocean.

Why Should You Pay A Visit To The Georgia Aquarium
Why Should You Pay A Visit To The Georgia Aquarium

Things To Watch Out For In Georgia Aquarium

Since the aquarium is a big attraction in Atlanta, when I have my friends coming in, we generally spend some time here. In my opinion, you must never miss a chance of visiting this beautiful place that fills with thrill and wonder. There is no better way of witnessing ocean life on land. Be there for:

An Up-Close Session With Sharks

The shark viewing gallery at the aquarium is a new entry. So, it is well-worth visiting. You will find salt water tanks featuring ceiling to floor acrylic windows. They give excited visitors like me the option of having an up-close encounter with sharks – the wonderful marine animals. The expansion has added a lot of space to this place.

Gaining Entry Through Windows To The Water

You can find a large number of wonderfully designed and exclusive portals and windows that can help you in having a clear sight of the sea creatures at Georgia aquarium. However, starting from enormous water walls to tunnels squirreling underneath the humongous whales to small and round bubble windows, there is a brand new and exciting vantage point everywhere you turn. Therefore, you should go there once.

Experiencing Aquanaut Adventure In Georgia Aquarium

As a kid I loved traveling through the different challenges that the aquarium presented. I have even won the Aquanaut Certification offered by the aquarium. Similarly, you can have your children passing any five of the seven challenges to gain the certification. Thus, the kids will get to explore marine and freshwater habitats. They will have experience of a career in marine sciences and also dive into basic scientific research as trainee aquanauts.

Spending Quality Toddler Time

This is an affordable session that costs around $10 and is the perfect expedition for infants to kids aged three. The session lasts for an hour and a half and it includes meeting and greeting different creatures; costumed characters; craft, snacks and some story time. This will help your child in experiencing the aquarium within a short time. However, you need to go through the calendar for scheduling the session.

Why Should You Pay A Visit To The Georgia Aquarium
Why Should You Pay A Visit To The Georgia Aquarium

Excellent Dolphin Show

Right from the beginning, I was bent on saving an exciting activity for the last. You should not miss out on the incredible and the excellent dolphin show at the aquarium. I repeat you should not miss the show. It is called “Dolphin Tales” and if you are lucky enough then you will definitely get a ticket to this show. It will be the highlight of your visit to the aquarium.

However, the aquarium continues to grow with some great additions like the sea lion show and the new sea and fish life.

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