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Understanding The Importance Of Proper Filtration

Why Your Aquarium Needs An Aquarium Filter

Aquarium filter is a necessity for your aquarium to remove free-floating particles, excess food, dangerous chemicals, decaying organic matter, and waste products of fishes from the water. If you have bought an aquarium, then it may have struck you whether you should invest in an aquarium filter.


Why Your Aquarium Needs An Aquarium Filter
Why Your Aquarium Needs An Aquarium Filter

A filter clears any unnecessary objects from the water and makes the water breathable for fish. Otherwise, all the fish would die.

However, if you have a small, simple aquarium, then you can put the fishes in a different water-filled bowl to clean the aquarium. When you are done cleaning, return the fishes in the tank. Though, you have to replace the water without an aquarium filter, regularly.

For the fishes, it is a traumatizing experience when you remove them from their habituated environment too often. A filter means you don’t have to clean the aquarium too often.

If you have a tropical fish, they require salt-water. The water must be in exact temperature for these fishes. It becomes impractical for you to clean the aquarium yourself. You can’t deny that the aquarium filter makes life much easier. It saves time and prevents the fish from getting afraid.

Of course, you have to do maintenance of the filer time-to-time. Remove any clog from the filter.

There are various filters in the market- it can be internal or external. You also can get mechanical, biological or chemical filters. Whichever filtration machine you get that will be based on your fish’s needs and your choice.

Various Types Of Aquarium Filtration Method

Why Your Aquarium Needs An Aquarium Filter
Why Your Aquarium Needs An Aquarium Filter

Chemical, biological, and mechanical filters have different filtration tasks. Any filter must have a biological filtration system for reducing required maintenance. Chemical and mechanical filtrations also have their significance. Mechanical filtration maintains water clarity, whereas chemical filtration takes care of source water problems or removes any toxins.

Biological Aquarium Filter

This filtration involves bacteria, some fungi, and lesser extent plants. In this filtration, these biological elements convert the fish waste into something less toxic. Fish eliminates waste constantly in aquarium water as they eat food. The wastages need to be removed before it gets toxic.

Here comes the biological filter converts the toxic ammonia first into Nitrite, and finally into Nitrate, mostly harmless substance. Though you need to change the water regularly so that Nitrate gets removed. Nitrate may trigger the liver, eye, and kidney problem in fish. Too much Nitrate can block their gills from inhaling oxygen.

Mechanical Filtration

In mechanical filtration, the water gets pushed through some filter media which acts as a strainer. That strainer catches free-floating particles that don’t get through media openings.

Quality of the mechanical filtration process depends on many things

– Firstly, the finesse of the media
– Secondly, how much water has passed through that media
– Thirdly, how frequently you clean the filter
– Finally, Of course, how untidy is your tank

Chemical Aquarium Filter Filtration

Chemical resins or carbon provide chemical filtration. In this process, toxins are extracted from water. The activated filter carbon removes chemical aggressively from water until carbon completely saturates. You must change the activated filter carbon from the filtration system often.
Provide your fish required filtration so that they can be healthy and happy. No matter what, get an aquarium filter. Your fish will live without trauma.

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