Why Your Workplace Must Have An Aquarium

Why Your Workplace Must Have An Aquarium

An aquarium full of colorful fish can be the best option to decrease the stress in your office compound. In America, the stress level has risen to an alarming rate breaking all previous barriers. The work environment plays a significant role in it because your office environment has a direct connection with your work performance.

Most companies push employees to work better, harder, and faster. This ruthless approach leads to paying hidden costs. Estimation shows that due to high-pressure from companies, the cost for health care is 50% greater than any other organization. The stress evokes disengagement. The disengaged workers absent- 37% more, make errors- 60% more and do accidents- 49% more.

Why Your Workplace Must Have An Aquarium
Why Your Workplace Must Have An Aquarium

Those businesses that have started implementing things to present the employees with a pleasant office environment have seen exponential growth in productivity. However, the less explored option is the natural environment.

But some studies show that the touch of nature in the workplace has a direct connection on reducing stress and health-related complaints within the work-perimeter. Having an aquarium inside the office is one of the best ways to connect with nature. Aquarium with real fish reflects positive moods among employees than any other elements.

Stress Reasons

1. According to the 2017 survey of APA on Stress, work has grabbed the place of the third most significant reason for rising stress.

2. More than 61% of Americans have stated that work is the main reason for their stress.

3. At least one worker among four workers who have said that work generates stress for them, reports that their stress-level stays between “very” and “extreme”.

4. The businesses of America have to pay a huge price to the health sector every year for workplace stress. Almost $190 billion goes into health costs.

5. Near about 50% of employees report that high-level of stress directs towards the disengagement in work.

Businesses are acknowledging it slowly. They want to do things that will be instrumental to reduce the stress level in the workplace.

Why Your Workplace Must Have An Aquarium
Why Your Workplace Must Have An Aquarium

Contacting with nature can be a productive strategy worldwide to prevent mental illness, as suggested by Deakin University, Melbourne. Researchers have discovered that employees who work in a work environment with the natural elements have a 15% higher level of well-being, 15% higher creativity level, and at least 6% higher productivity level.

– When a workplace has plants, it increases productivity by 15%.

– Workers who have a window view of trees where they sit, handle the calls at least 6-7% faster.

– Many research suggests that an aquarium full of fishes also promoted health.

Why Your Workplace Should Keep Aquarium With Fish?

• Studies have proved that people exposed to aquariums have decreased their anxiety levels up to 12%.

• University of Exeter and Plymouth University has discovered that watching the fish roaming around leads to noticeable reductions of blood pressure as well as heart rate in the participants.

How Aquarium Helps In Work Environment

1. An Aquarium with living fish produces a higher level of positive moods in a work environment, compared to any other elements.

2. Survey shows that 55% of people said that they would feel happier and motivated with a pet at the workplace.

3. An aquarium can improve the aesthetic look of an office.

4. It requires very little maintenance.

5. As the stress-level decreases, so do the employee absence rate.

6. An aquarium in your office can be an excellent ice-breaker topic before any meetings.

7. Employees become more positive as well as the staff morale increases.

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