Your Checklist To Start A Saltwater Aquarium

Your Checklist To Start A Saltwater Aquarium

If you want to start your saltwater aquarium, then there is a checklist that you should maintain throughout. Otherwise, your efforts will go in vain. The list is consists of some equipment and components which are fundamental to set up and run the saltwater tank.

Your Checklist To Start A Saltwater Aquarium
Your Checklist To Start A Saltwater Aquarium

1. Aquarium

You have to decide where you would put your aquarium, and what will be its size. Have you considered what will be the shape of the aquarium, is the probable placement of it will be fine for fish in the tank? What type and style of tank you will choose based on the spot, you will put it? You have to answer these questions.

2. Lighting

Your lighting choice will be dependent on the ecosystem type you have planned to build up. Many times, you have to decide the lighting based on the aquatic members of saltwater.

3. Filtration Equipment, Filters, And Skimmers

Your Checklist To Start A Saltwater Aquarium
Your Checklist To Start A Saltwater Aquarium

What is the type of tank system you want to build up? It will help you to determine what kind of filtration system is best for your saltwater tank.

4. Powerhead

Using a powerhead will depend on your aquarium size. You can even use several powerheads to provide an excellent water circulation system throughout the aquarium.

5. Substrate & Live Rock

For this type of aquarium, you must decide what materials you would want at tank-bed. Decide whether you want a non-living medium or a living medium as the bottom. In a marine aquarium, live rocks play a significant role. As marine creatures are mostly territorial, they should get ample places to sleep, hide, and also avoid any potential problem inside the aquarium.

6. Saltwater & Hydrometer

Sea salts make an aquarium a marine aquarium. For such an aquarium, a hydrometer is a must. It is also known as salinity tester. It measures salt content and gravity of the water.

7. Thermometer & Heater

Your Checklist To Start A Saltwater Aquarium
Your Checklist To Start A Saltwater Aquarium

For a smaller aquarium, one heater is sufficient, but when the system is larger, then you should use multiple units. The thermometer is made of a multifunctional, floating, stick-on, remote, and digital sensor. There are other units which are also part of this thermometer. Choose thermometer wisely.

8. Air Pumps & Air Stones

These equipment are only needed if you are going to use the equipment that has to use such items like, air stones and air pumps. The counter-current protein skimmer is one of such equipment.

9. Additives, Test Kits & Supplements

For reef tank and live rock system, limewater or kalkwasser must be added into the aquarium. There are some vitamins which are beneficial for some marine inhabitants that your aquarium has. For example, for crustaceans, iodine is essential.

10. Maintenance Tools For Saltwater

Various tank cleaning tools like siphon tube or hose, different sized plastic containers or buckets, algae magnet or scaper, various sized nets, spare parts of equipment replacements and many things fall under maintenance tools category. To maintain a strict routine for performing the maintenance tasks, you must keep track of it. Track down the tasks you have already completed and written it down on a logbook. Keep an accurate record of all the things you do for the marine aquarium.

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